Why you can TRUST THE GOAT

You can always rest easy and TRUST THE GOAT at MTN Toyz.

You'll receive fanatical service and support on all orders. We care about YOU. Every single order receives our personal satisfaction guarantee. We've worked hard to pull together only the best products, from the best companies - and at the end of the day, we want you to be happy, and spend more time riding!

Our passion for the outdoors began when we were young, playing in Utah's backcountry in the Northern Wasatch Mountains and the red rock around St. George. Whether it's on a 3-wheeler (back in the day), 4-wheeler, dirt bike, home-made sandrail, jeeps, or our much more advanced UTVs today, we love to play hard and go fast.

The industry is evolving and the parts options are endless. We were frustrated by the difficulty in choosing which aftermarket parts were the best, or which ones suited our riding style needs best. That's when we created MTN Toyz.

At MTN Toyz we're always searching for the best products, from companies we can trust. We then bring all those parts together for you in one place. Our Mission is to only promote and sell products and companies we believe in. Period.

Please contact us for products we should consider, questions about products we offer, or even ask us what Utah trails we like best. We're here for you, and want to provide you with the best service possible so you can spend more time out on the trail.