2 inch AMBER POD LED Light (spot or flood)

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Product Features Of 2 Inch Amber Fog Light

Can withstand any weather conditions

50,000+ Hour Lifespan – Will Not Burn Out!

GE Lexan Lens – Rugged Lens Will NOT Break!

Pass Military Standards – Built For EXTREME Durability

Instant On/Off – LEDs Do NOT Require Warm-Up Time

Dual, Over-sized Heat Sink –Faster heat dissipation

IP68/IP69K waterproof,  These lights do not leak!

PCB: With reverse connection/current protection, thermal-shutdown circuit and NO electromagnetic interference.

Dupont powder coating, UV-Resistant and won’t fade away

Original A grade Cree LED

Waterproof genuine DT connector

SAE, E-mark

This pod light is a true amber light LED. It does not use an amber lens for the effect.

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